Headline Of The Week: Miss Columbia Catalina Robayo Goes Commando During Miss Universe Appearances

Yep, sure got my attention when I saw it in Stacy McCain’s roundup. But first, I’m linking Google’s News in Brief–for the obvious punnage reasons.
So–carpet or hard wood…?

Miss Universe Columbia

Miss Universe Columbia without panties, without underwear, not wearing panties, not wearing underwear

(Click to embiggenify)
This account from the Philippines says the pageant also had beaver-flashing bikinis all set to go until someone complained.
“It looks like we have rectified the issue, and the costumes were beautiful … being by a Brazilian designer they were definitely a lot smaller than we’re used to or most of the contestants are used to,” Ms Shugart explained.
“We delayed our shoot so we could add material to the bottom, otherwise we were going to have serious problems on television. (The designers) were a little surprised but … they took them back and they turned out really well.”
These people clearly don’t want me having any fun. This is why I don’t watch NBC.
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Bienvenue à tous les Belges. And welcome to our Taiwanese friends too. (Not trying that one.)
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